WPBA Masters

I got home Sunday, Feb 5th, around 1am! My flight was scheduled to arrive by 8:40PM into San Francisco, but due to strong winds we were forced to stay in Chicago (my connection from Michigan) for another 2.5 hrs! The nice thing was that most of the time, I was thinking about getting back onto a pool table!

Being around the WPBA players, traveling, and playing great pool pumped me back up! I've been struggling with staying motivated in the past few years with career changes and other non-pool-related life events, but I walked into the WPBA Masters knowing I would come out of it one of two ways:

1. Leave it for a while to focus on getting a Master's Degree because let's face it... work, pool and school can't all exist if I want to do well with each of them.
2. Embrace it because I CAN balance it all because all of it makes me happy in its own way!

What do you think I chose???

Ok, ok... it was hard. I AM going back to school this Fall to get another degree, but who says I can't have it all? Yes, it will be hard, but I came to a realization: I refuse to give any one of those things up! Maybe I won't sleep as much and maybe I'll feel overwhelmed at times, but the time is now!

I feel like I'm shooting the best pool of my life! All the sacrifices, adjustments and time I've put in to get where I am will not be in vain. I really like what I've transformed into and it would be a shame not to keep going. 

So, the true questions are "How hard am I willing to work at it?" "How bad do I want it?"

I thought about what happened at the WPBA Masters event and realized I am not too far from some of the greatest pool players in the world. What's the key difference between me and them? They put work into it every day and I make mistakes they do not. It's time to fine tune and tighten up my game and strive to be greater! No more mediocre pool, no more settling for whatever I end up placing with. It's time to go for 1st all the time!

I can do this.