New Inspiration

I know... my blog has been quiet. I've been focusing on life outside of pool, but in the past couple weeks have realized what I've really given up. Well, maybe "given up" is kind of a strong choice of words. I made choices and put pool aside, so I could work on creating bigger things. My career has become important to me; I changed the day job about 9 months ago. Wondering if it was the best decision since it affected my relationships with family and friends and also my time spent enjoying things that just made me happy!

In any case, here I am. Trying to rekindle the pool fire that is burning inside of me. Although, it's been more of a flicker, I think I'm set on getting it to burn brighter and better than it ever has.

I've made some adjustments to my technique this past year. It was risky, since I was only playing about once a week, but I knew adjustments needed to be made so I went with it. My overall approach and technique feel more natural than ever and I think "leaving" the game like I did made me miss it more and also think about the game in my life, as opposed to just being in it.

I played in an open 9-ball tournament last weekend, which made me nervous for some reason. I spent so many years just playing women, but know that in order to get better we have to play all sorts of players- better or worse than you. I say that because no matter who you play, there is always something to learn about yourself and also the game. A new, less experienced player may do something that seems confusing, but it's also something you may have never thought of before. A more seasoned player may just remind you of why you may think twice about doing something! The variety will just add a richness to the game, besides just the exposure to the newness of every individual experience that is created. With that said, I walked in with no expectations. Was honestly just pleased with myself for even making the drive to California Billiards in Fremont and just being there. I shot without thinking and let my natural instincts take over. I was so smooth and relaxed... it was a new feeling. Very exciting! It sparked the love of the game again and I'm ready to face this year with a new attitude. I missed it. I missed how it made me feel. I grew up kinda shy and quiet, but this game brought out this confidence I never knew I had.

Moreover, I gave a lesson just this past Sunday to a gentleman who I had never met til that day. I'll call him J, to keep his identity a secret. At the end of the lesson, J told me he thought I was a great instructor. I did everything an instructor should do and it made me blush. So kind... Especially since each time I teach, I make it a point to get better. You have to be open to criticism and although sometimes it can be hard to hear, if it's coming from the right place, it has to be welcomed because people just want the best from you. For J, I was happy that he took away as much as he did when we met. To be able to teach something I love and know that my students are taking something away and enjoy it too- that is a reward in itself. It wasn't easy for me at first, to be able to communicate what I was thinking in regards to executing a shot or adjusting someone's technique, but if you really connect with who you are talking to, it all falls into place. This just confirmed why I keep teaching!

Okay, enough for now. I'm back... and it's time El got her groove back lol ;)