2014 BCAPL Championships- Results & More!

I know this post is way past the event, but I still felt a need to write about it as I have had more than enough time to process what I think happened.

I took some time to go back to school for almost two years, beginning in the Spring of 2013. I finished all of my classes in May of this year, so that finally gave me all the time I needed/wanted to try and get ready for the BCAPL Championships. Just being relieved of the weight that school put on me changed how I approached the table. Mentally, I didn't have homework assignments or exams hanging over my head. All I did was get on the table and reminded myself what I missed out on that whole time!

Don't get me wrong, I still found a bit of time to jump on a table in between classes and school work, but to be honest when I registered for school I expected my game to deteriorate, but when it was all actually happening, it beat me up. I was sad to see how much my game was suffering. It was hard, but I went back to school because it was time to focus on my career.

Never-the-less, school ended. I was liberated and excited to be able to put the time back into finding my stroke again! After just two months of practice, I went to Vegas with lower expectations. I was genuinely looking forward to a poolcation :) I had a wonderful time with my loved ones and closest friends, and you know what... I actually wasn't mad about how I played. The wins I had were good ones! The losses, well, we'll talk about those another day ;)

But you know what else? I learned this: Pool makes me happy! I write today as a re-dedicated pool player. I have been blessed to have gained a new cue sponsor and have the continued support of my family and friends as I continue to compete in this sport. As long as I love what I do, how can anyone deny me of that?

For the love of the game.